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 Our Emergent Story

Our heart space is your space. It is our welcoming way to invite you to engage our space which was co-created with our Deaf Black Indigenous People of Color (DBIPOC*)/Deaf communities of color.

Cascadia Deaf Nation (CDN) emerged out of a response to cultural-linguistic injustice, social injustice, economic injustice and educational/institutional injustice towards Deaf communities of color in the Cascadia bioregion (British Columbia, Washington State, and Oregon).

Cascadia Deaf Nation (CDN) is a social business centering on the practices of social justice & equity and mindfulness as part of its business culture. CDN’s business model is based on co-operative membership and social justice & equity activism. CDN makes the first step in changing the social business narratives while rebuilding humxn/human connection through socio-cultural transformational processes.

One of the CDN’s main goals is to co-create equitable opportunities with Deaf communities of color to allow them to thrive sustainably and autonomously. One of the examples that CDN is actively working on: the pilot project of membership income from CDN’s profits which is equitably distributed to each Deaf BIPOC* member while receiving membership benefits. This may be a good example of building a solidarity economy for Deaf communities of color.

Settler Acknowledgment: Cascadia Deaf Nation is continually acknowledging that it is operating its business on the unceded lands of Lhaq'temish Nation (Lummi and Nooksack nations) within the Coast Salish Territories of NW Washington State.

A Parent Steward of TriBEka (FB: @TriBEkaHealing,, (FB:,, and WeSynergy (

A Stewarding Partner with Soundless Institute (FB: @SoundlessInstitute,

A S3 Stewardship Member (FB@S3Stewardship)

*denotation is an equitable acknowledgment of the intersectional spectrum of reality experience(s) of Deaf community of color members including who identify as Deaf, deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, etc.

Our Stewardship Principles

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To empower and inpower Deaf Black Indigenous People of Color (DBIPOC*)and their solidarity community members to become conscious stewarding warriors through activism, compassion, cultural humility, and nonviolent communication when co-creating thriving spaces within solidarity economic avenues on the cooperative level.

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It is our vision to co-create transformative solutions to change or to transcend our understanding of every aspect sociocultural problems affecting Deaf communities of color from the roots of our cultural-linguistic hearts collectively.

It is our vision to guide Cascadia Deaf Nation to represent a healthy collaborative version of pluralism, a (multi)diversity in action.

It is our deep acknowledgment that we cannot thrive everyone in our Deaf communities and in solidarity communities thrive equitably through stewardship accountability.


Stewardship values


Our 7 Stewardship Values

As Stewards of Cascadia Deaf Nation(CDN), we are in agreement that we ethically demonstrate the:

  1. WE Centric Approaches in Co-creating Solutions

  2. Value Investment in the Change Within

  3. Stewardship Accountability Before Profits

  4. Mindfulness as a Practice of Deepening Awareness

  5. Creativity as Higher Power in Co-creating Social Change

  6. Non-hierarchical Stewardship on the Leadership Level

  7. Cultural-Linguistic Resilience in Rebuilding Human Connection