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Our Stewardship Principles

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To empower and inpower Deaf Black Indigenous People of Color (DBIPOC*)and their solidarity community members to become conscious stewarding warriors through activism, compassion, cultural humility, and nonviolent communication when co-creating thriving spaces within solidarity economic avenues on the cooperative level.

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It is our vision to co-create transformative solutions to change or to transcend our understanding of every aspect sociocultural problems affecting Deaf communities of color from the roots of our cultural-linguistic hearts collectively.

It is our vision to guide Cascadia Deaf Nation to represent a healthy collaborative version of pluralism, a (multi)diversity in action.

It is our deep acknowledgment that we cannot thrive everyone in our Deaf communities and in solidarity communities thrive equitably through stewardship accountability.


Stewardship values


Our 7 Stewardship Values

As Stewards of Cascadia Deaf Nation(CDN), we are in agreement that we ethically demonstrate the:

  1. WE Centric Approaches in Co-creating Solutions

  2. Value Investment in the Change Within

  3. Stewardship Accountability Before Profits

  4. Mindfulness as a Practice of Deepening Awareness

  5. Creativity as Higher Power in Co-creating Social Change

  6. Non-hierarchical Stewardship on the Leadership Level

  7. Cultural-Linguistic Resilience in Rebuilding Human Connection