Business Stewarding membership Benefits

What does it include?

Businesses including social enterprises and social justice & equity oriented business can benefit from this membership space made for them.

More details on how the business stewarding membership benefits work coming soon.

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CDN ASL Interpreting Plan

This ASL interpreting plan allows you as a business stewarding member to save money on interpreting costs offered by CDN. Through this plan, you are covered for 2 hours worth of ASL interpretation by CDN. This plan works with WeSynergy Interpreting services which places ASL interpreters of color and solidarity interpreters at the events or workshops you host.

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Solidarity Caption Access

You as a business stewarding member have access to captioning service to add captions to their videos offered by CDN by saving more money per video.

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What’s Next?

Wondering what goes here…

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What’s Emerging?

Something is being co-created here….

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Got an idea?

Let us know!