Stewardship Membership Benefits for CDN Community shareowners and solidarity shareowners

What does the membership benefits include?

Stewardship membership benefits includes Collective health insurance, car share benefits, organic food csa benefits, CDN interpreting plans, various membership discounts on services & goods provided by businesses partners of similar social justice & equity accountability and more.

Details of membership benefits will be provided by Fall 2018/Winter 2019 when the new membership enrollment opportunity opens officially.

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sharity health insurance plan

(solidarity co-operative based)

Worried that you don’t have health insurance to cover your medical expenses? We got it covered with you! We work directly with hospitals, doctors, physicians, and more in our bioregional areas.

The cooperative health insurance plan overs both conventional and non conventional(holistic doctors or acupuncture) visits including emergency room visits


CDN ASL Interpreting Plan

This ASL interpreting plan allows you as a shareowner to save money on interpreting costs offered by CDN. Through this plan, you are covered for 2 hours worth of ASL interpretation by CDN. This plan works with WeSynergy Interpreting services which places ASL interpreters of color and solidarity interpreters at the events or workshops you attend.

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Car Share Benefits

The car share benefit is offered by CDN’s partnership with ZipCar and similar car share companies. Shareowners get to pay half more than of the car rental by the day using CDN’s entity membership account.

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Umbrella membership protection

Have unlimited access to CDN’s Entity Membership benefits. You are automatically enrolled into various organization membership bases. A la carte choices are available (you get to pick which organizational membership to enroll with).

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CDN Solidarity captioning Service

You as a shareowner have access to captioning service to add captions to their videos offered by CDN by saving more money per video.

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solidarity legal services

This plan allows you as a shareowner to have access to legal protection whether it is related to immigration challenges or circumstances involving the practices of discrimination through reduced costs

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Student loan repayment benefits

This plan allows you as a shareowner to get your student loan repayment handled by CDN as a benefit. Take the burden off your shoulders with us.


Organic farm csa benefits

Have foods from local organic farms to be deliver to your home


We got more membership benefits coming!