Empowering You Membership Benefits


You are part of the transformative vehicle of Cascadia Deaf Nation. Your investment in Cascadia Deaf Nation(CDN) will guide this entity to create unlimited opportunities to empower Deaf people of colour and their solidarity comrades to transform the meaning of human connection and protect the sacred existence of Deaf Black Indigenous people of colour.

As a transformative For Profit Social Enterprise, Cascadia Deaf Nation has a stewardship accountability to its members by sharing its profits through the co-operative ownership or solidarity stewardship economic model platform. Each member will receive equitable amounts of profit as a monthly income that cascadia deaf nation receives from its business opportunities or/and its avenues. Each member will have a voice of necessity to guide cascadia deaf nation to create opportunities that benefit the greater good. We envision to be the WE ancestors of the next generation as the intenders of the highest good within the deaf communities of color.

membership benefits can include membership discounts and perks from various services and goods provided by various social businesses or social justice and equity oriented businesses that cascadia deaf nation builds relationships with in alignment with its fair trade agreements.

Details of membership benefits will be provided by Fall 2018 when the new membership enrollment opportunity opens officially.